Advice from Benjamin Dell

  • Thought it would be cool to host a couple of webinars over the summer with experts. Simply as a way to deliver value to our customers.
  • Reached our to existing Missinglettr customers to see if any interest in doing a webinar with me. 300 replied!
  • Decided to the stakes and turn it into a 2 week online conference, with 100+ live talks.
  • First reviewed list of 300 and chose 75 credible experts and got them to secure their place.
  • Next I had a goal to fill the remaining 25 slots with known CEO’s / brands / speakers. Ended up achieving that goal with speakers like Ash Maurya and Brennan Dunn. As well as CEO’s and speakers from brands like Baremetrics, Groove, GoSquared, HelpDocs, AppSumo etc.
  • Now in process of securing  sponsorship slots for the conference.
  • Since entire conference platform has been built from scratch I’ve decided to spin it out into its own product.

This has all been achieved, from idea to execution in 6 weeks. And without a penny being spent.